Engineering - Genset Accessories

Coolant Heaters
  • Engine Coolant Heaters are essential for maintaining the temperature of the diesel for Gensets operating in a cold environment. It provides an easier start thus improving.


  • Air vent provided to avoid the possibility of heater element getting burnt because of no water in the system.
  • Indications Showing HEATER ON and POWER ON.
  • Electrical cables 2.5 flexible is 694 grade. To ensure sufficient amounts of current to pass through it.
  • Provided with o - ring and gasket of silicon rubber to ensure perfect locking without leakages through it.
  • Thermostats operating temp with a 5 degree C difference in series to ensure extended lifetime of product.
  • Protection of Thermostat, Electrical terminals and Plating from Harsh Environment and condensation.
  • Available in 4 variants: 1200 W / 230 V 1200 W / 115V, 600 W / 230 V ,600W / 115 V Variants with 24 and 48 volt DC supply are under development.

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