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  • Float Switches are inexpensive and efficient liquid level detectors.
  • The basic operating principle is that, as fluid level rises, the float will rise, causing the embedded micro-switch to tilt and generate a signal that can be used to actuate indicator or alarms as required. The unit comprises of 3 major components.
  • A Polypropylene sealed ( IP67 ) Float Chamber is Embedded with a Micro-switch with a Single Pole Double Throw ( SPDT ) configuration.
  • Three Core ( Red, Black & Green ) Cable Connected to the Micro-switch assembly inside the float chamber. Cable Supplied in 3 standard lenghts. 3 meters, 5 meters, 20 meters with +_5% of the quoted length. Other cable lengths are available on Request.
  • Optional Stabilizing Weight maybe fixed at a suitable point on the cable.


  • Long Service Life.
  • Resistance to Heat, Oxidation and Ageing caused by weather.