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1" Disc Filter Brochure


  • Helps In Filtration of Debris/ impurities Up to 120 µ ,Which gets Collected In The Over -head tank
  • Eliminates Non- Supended Impurities from Water, supplying clean water For Domestic Application
  • Easy maintenance and Easy to install and clean
  • Non Corrosive Stainless steel Filter Mesh and plastic Body
  • Filter body use Engineering plastic material


  • Increase The Life Of R.O. System By Performing Pre- filtration
  • Increase The Life Of Sanitary Fitting And Fixtures
  • Impurties Does Not Accumulate In Pipeline
  • External Maintenance Free-No Part Replacement Required
  • Cleaner Water In Cases Where R.O. Is Not installed
  • One Time Investment

Inlet Thread

  • 1" BSP male threaded.

Technical Specifications 3/4"

  • MAX.Working Pressure:- 8 kg/cm²
  • Nominal Flow Rate :- 6 m³/hr
  • Connection Size:- 1" BSP.
  • MAX.Pressure Drop :-0.40 kg/cm²
  • Connection Length:- 180 mm
  • Thread Length :- 22 mm
  • Max. Filter Height :- 170 mm
  • Max.Filter Width:- 82 mm
  • Filtration Elements:-DISC


  • Used in Irrigation Water Filtration system to clean the water
  • Domestic and industrial application and water filtration
  • Applicable For medium and low flow rate
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